Our landscape

Zeelandic Flanders is a land full of contrasts, where culture and tradition of the old towns go hand in hand with water and beach fun. Zeelandic Flanders highly values atmosphere and Burgundian conviviality. Also specialities and delicacies are a top priority. Burgundian dining and relaxing on the terrace for hours are possible every day of the week. A visit to Zeelandic Flanders is not complete without the many caf├ęs, restaurants and of course the beach pavilions. Additionally, you can find a wide variety of shops and markets here. During the months of July and August, a lot of night markets and fairs are organised in the seaside resorts and shopping towns. Zeelandic Flanders is furthermore the right place for nature lovers. This part of Zeeland is marked by dikes with tall trees, hidden creeks and never-ending country lanes with old pollard willows. The authentic forts and dunes are a sight to behold.